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Personal branding

Personal branding: the up and coming trend that today’s job candidates are focusing their attention on. The beauty of a personal brand is that it already exists- you are the brand. Google yourself, what comes up is your personal brand. A brand is includes anything like a symbol, design, name, sound reputation, emotion, or tone that represents something marketable. ...

What to do if you Hate your Boss

Do well at your job. If you work hard and work well, only good things can happen: you can get promoted, your boss can notice and appreciate you, or your boss can notice and give you more freedom than that given to other employees (thereby getting off your back a little). ...

Jobs for History Buffs

Jobs for History Buffs


A genealogist traces the backgrounds of individuals and families to track their ancestors, accomplishing this through utilization of obituaries, court records, birth certificates, and more. ...