Be Self-Employed: 4 Career Ideas That Will Make You Your Own Boss


If you are tired of punching the time clock and spending your days working for someone else, you may be searching for a great self-employment opportunity. The idea of starting a new business may sound intimidating and scary at first, but after you develop a solid business concept, you may see that your goal is attainable. These are some of the top business ideas to consider if you want to be self-employed.


A Contract Driver


Many smaller businesses need professional drivers, but they prefer to hire a contract worker for this purpose. To become a contract driver, you simply need to buy a big rig, like those from Arrow Truck Sales, and obtain the right license and insurance. You can even purchase a quality used big rig to save money on your initial investment.


A Daycare Business


Another great idea for self-employment is to open a daycare business in your own home. Many parents cannot afford to pay for the high cost of preschool or daycare, but they need childcare. In-home childcare services are often more affordable, and there may be a high demand for this service in your area. You should research licensing requirements in your area, and you may need to invest in age-appropriate toys, games and other related items.


A Freelance Writer


If you excelled in English class in high school and college, becoming a freelance writer may be ideal for you. There is a solid demand for writing skills thanks to the Internet, and you can find many freelance websites that offer contract work in this area. To be successful, you should be able to write well on a variety of topics with speed. Take note, however, that freelance writing isn’t the highest paying job out there. You’ll need to hustle. Use high paying sites, connect with editors at local newspapers, etc. You should also know that the standard for writing in high school is drastically different from college. The college style is much more mature in format, meaning that the average high school educated writer can be easily picked out and that could affect whether or not you get certain writing jobs. With that in mind, always give your best as you’ll be building a reputation for yourself.


A Cleaning Service


If you enjoy cleaning and organizing spaces, you can consider opening a cleaning business in your area. You only need the right combination of cleaning supplies and equipment to get started, and you may already have all of these items in your home. With a few steady clients each week, you may be well on your way to achieving financial independence.


Being self-employed, setting your own work hours and choosing your own clients may sound too good to be true. However, you can see that there are legitimate business ideas to consider that can help you to achieve your goal. Take time to explore these and other ideas in-depth before you decide to move forward with one of them. By doing so, you can soon quit your day job and enjoy being your own boss.


By: Hannah Whittenly