Ready to Work? Top Tips for Succeeding at Your First Post-College Job


Congratulations on landing your first post-college job! This is an exciting time. You’ll get to put your skills to the test and learn so much in the workplace. As you embark upon this new journey away from the professors and study halls, there are a couple tips you’ll want to remember. These tips will help you lay a strong foundation as you build a long-lasting career.


Be Proactive


Instead of being in a position where you’re waiting for work to do, find ways to be helpful around the office. This will help your colleagues view you as someone who’s invested in the work and interested in being a team player. When you’re a team player, it’s easier to trust you with more.


Always Be Prepared


It’s always important to be prepared. Make sure you wake up early and give yourself enough time to get ready. If you don’t own your own transportation, it’ll help increase your professional appearance. Having a car purchased from a reliable car dealership is always helpful when you’re ready to get to work and need to get there in a timely manner. The night before, create a game plan so that you know what you’ll need to take care of the following day.


Continue Learning


Always continue the learning process. Just because you’ve graduated and earned your degree, don’t think that the learning process is over. Give yourself a couple months to find a new normal with the job. However, once that time frame is up, enroll in an online course or a certification program to get back into the habit of learning again. You never want to get comfortable and feel like you’ve learned it all. Learning is a continual process. A master’s degree might be a little intense to start during your first year of a new job, but if you feel like you can handle it, go for it.




Get to know the people at your job. Don’t get comfortable in the cubicle during lunchtime. Go to the company happy hour specials and networking events. You don’t need to make close friends, but it is good to get to know your colleagues and other people in your field.


As you implement these tips, understand that they might be a little challenging at first. Juggling work and all the nuances can leave a new professional feeling exhausted. Remember to take good care of yourself, get lots of rest and take care of your health. These tips will help you propel your career in a positive way. Get ready to work!



By: Hannah Whittenly

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