How To Let a Job Candidate Down Easy

January typically unleashes the busiest times of the year for job applications and hiring. Those looking to change jobs are ready for new beginnings, and those eager to hire are unburdened by end-of-2016 budget restrictions. Job applicants and managers are reenergized. ...

How to Deal With an Office Romance Gone Sour

Set some rules, keep your distance and move on.

In the modern workplace, office romances are a dime a dozen. It makes sense: spending long hours in close quarters with like-minded people can be a major relationship catalyst.

But as it happens, romances can go sour – and in an office, that can cause some serious awkwardness. ...

Wages Are Rising, Giving HR New Worries

Workers are positioned to negotiate for more money as demand for certain skills grows
Greater wage growth is great news for workers but challenges employers that want to hire and retain talent while controlling labor costs.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported Jan. 6 that the average hourly wage rose by 10 cents in December 2016 from the previous month to $26. ...

Obama’s Protections for L.G.B.T. Workers Will Remain Under Trump

WASHINGTON — The White House said on Monday that President Trump would leave in place a 2014 Obama administration order that created new workplace protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.
In a statement issued in response to growing questions about whether Mr. ...

Study: Performance reviews, promotion decisions can be unintentionally sexist

Without intending to, managers of both sexes might be shunting women into supportive roles while lifting men into leadership ones. 
That’s what a study out of Stanford University is saying.
Steffen Maier, writing on the TLNT blog, describes how a Stanford research team looked at hundreds of performance reviews and found that women were often described as “collaborative” while more men were “driven. ...

Skills-Based Hiring Can Narrow the Tech Talent Gap

HackerRank CEO talks about using objective measurements to find hidden talent
Recruiters are adopting data-driven practices and tools to find skilled candidates, relying less on methods like poring over resumes and following their gut instincts.
The tech industry especially bemoans a lack of qualified job seekers to fill its expanding ranks, but some say part of the problem lies in the traditional hiring process, rigid job qualifications and restricted searches. ...

How To Make A Power Commute Work For You

What kind of commuter are you? The Napper? The Newspaper Reader? The Angry Birds Player? So many of us are trying to figure out how to make our commutes shorter, thinking that’s what will make it less miserable. 
But don’t sign a new lease on a slightly closer apartment just yet. ...

Workplace Diversity: How to Attract Gay Employees

In 34 states, it is still perfectly legal for lesbian and gay employees to be fired simply because their employers discover, and disapprove of, their sexual orientation.
Since 1974 the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) has been introduced as legislation and has been successfully defeated for nearly four decades. ...

The dumbest things employees, applicants did in 2016

A new year is upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to reflect on some of the dumbest things managers, employees and applicants did in 2016 to make life difficult for HR. 
Behold … the best of the worst — according to you, our readers:

Meet 2 nominees for Worst Manager of the Year. ...

How to Attract a Diverse Applicant Pool

Attracting diverse applicants gives you a larger hiring pool while increasing the overall diversity of your company. As you establish yourself as a company that appreciates diversity, more candidates may submit their application materials. The diversity strengthens your work force by providing experience and background knowledge from different perspectives. ...